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Our History

Our History

Our parent company, Laser Worldwide Limited “LWL”, with a history of over 30 years, is highly reputable in the Watches and Jewelry industry.

“LWL” over the years has developed long-lasting relationships with its clients in the Watches & Jewelry industry by designing, developing and delivering high-quality watches and jewelry. Our clientele includes large scale retailers, chain-stores, airlines, duty-free shops and football clubs. Our products are very unique and several of our timepieces are produced in Switzerland (Swiss Made).

“LWL” is always in tune with the fast-changing fashion trends and continuously evolving technology to meet consumer expectations in the watches & jewelry markets. Besides looking at us as a supplier of watches and jewelry, our clients benefit from us providing comprehensive solutions to their complex problems beginning with conceptualization, designing watches and jewelry, and further creating a brand image by designing, developing and supplying packaging, retail displays, and promotional material.

With offices in both Hong Kong and China, as well as our own manufacturing and assembly factories located in Baoan, China, we have over the years provided a one-stop solution to our clients in the watches & jewelry industry.